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A very special global collaboration

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My Brother,

Born Sleeping
Proudly supporting Red Nose

Over 2 million babies are born sleeping each year around the world.


This book is for the people who love them.

All profits go towards helping Red Nose fund support families, fund research, and save little lives.

To donate directly to Red Nose click HERE

When a baby is born sleeping, sometimes there is no explanation, and sometimes there are lots. This very special project brings together artists from around the world to illustrate this touching story by Lellie Lopter that gently explains stillbirth to children.

Even though the author and many of the illustrators involved in this project have their own unique stories of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or infant loss, they are united in their common vision to raise awareness of this global issue.


Everyone involved in the project have donated their time and talents to bring this story to life to ensure all profits from book sales can go directly to RED NOSE so they can continue to support families, fund research, and save little lives. 

You can show your support by purchasing this book or donate directly to Red Nose HERE

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Click here to Listen to Debra Pearce interview Lellie Lopter on ABC Radio 


Click this box to Listen to Dr Justin Coulson interview Lellie Lopter on The Happy Families Podcast (External site link)

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month and to help raise awareness of this global issue, the 'My Brother, Born Sleeping' ebook will be available for early download from 1st October 2023.

The 'My Brother Born Sleeping' book will be released simultaneously in hardback and paperback on 15th October 2023 to mark International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

HARDCOVER - ISBN 978  0 98742 074 9
PAPERBACK - ISBN 978  0 98742 075 6
EBOOK - ISBN 978  0 98742 076 3



‘My Brother, Born Sleeping is an important and developmentally appropriate tool to help children process big feelings after a difficult loss. Poignant and sensitive, a beautiful collaborative work.’ – J.E. Miller NEM BAEngLit.GDEd.GDPsych.

‘My Brother, Born Sleeping, will touch your heart and remain with you for a long time afterwards.’ TM Clark - Author.

‘A beautiful story... told in a positive light.’ Jason & Cathy Hill - Judges, Marshall Allan Hill writing competition 2011

'My Brother, Born Sleeping is beautifully written and illustrated. In times of grief, young children can sense the changes in their environment and their parents’ emotional state. As well as experiencing a range of emotions, children’s curiosity in understanding loss can make for difficult conversations when parents are experiencing their own pain. This book will go a long way in supporting those conversations.' - Keren Ludski, CEO – Red Nose Australia

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