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Homeschool Edition

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Ever wondered why homeschooled kids are more confident, resilient and engaged in their learning than 'main-streamers? This edition explores the misconceptions about homeschooling and provides insight into the freedom and flexibility homeschooling provides.

This edition is for veteran homeschoolers, people new to homeschooling, and those families who are completely frustrated with the mainstream education system and wished there was something better for their children.

This book explores topics such as Homeschooling in Australia (State by State), How to get started, different methods, homeschooling on a budget, getting organised, homeschooling different ages and stages and special needs homeschooling. 

The Knowledge Centre

Leadership Edition

Submissions opening soon

There is such a drive in organisations to produce more and more leaders but in the push to produce leaders have we forgotten how to follow?

This edition explores the difference between leadership and followership, provides tools and techniques to be an effective leader and answers the question 'Do leaders need a title?'

This book is for those wanting to improve their leadership skills, those aspiring to leadership positions and those wondering why nobody is following them towards their goals.

The Knowledge Centre

Mindfulness Edition

Submissions opening soon

What is Mindfulness and why has it become so popular? This edition explores various mindfulness tools and techniques such as Music for Mindfulness, Meditation and Adult Colouring. 

This book is for people wanting to learn more about mindfulness. It is equally as interesting to the yogi and the novice and explores alternative therapies that promote health and well being.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the Knowledge Centre's Mindfulness Edition.

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